From then to now!

I am new to blogging and I probably won’t get it right but bare with me. I thought for my first blog I would tell you a little about me and why I became a photographer. I finished a minor in photography while I was completing my degree in Interior Design. I am now both a photographer and an Interior Designer.

I fell in love with photography and the moments you can capture. I truly love showing a child’s personality in a portrait that you can hang on your wall. I started out doing all forms of photography; family portraits, children portraits, baby portraiture, wedding photography and landscape photography. Each one has a different angle and expertise that needs to be used. I wanted to do it all in the beginning so I can learn as much as possible and then specialize in what I really want to do.

In my last year of school I was pregnant and had my first son. He was born November 7, 2011 weighing 7lbs 2oz and not even 1 week later I had to write a final exam. I only had one semester to finish in my demanding and intensive 4 year degree and I was going to finish it. So my son traveled with me to school for presentations, lectures and exams. I was lucky as I only have a 10 min drive, 15 min depending on traffic, to my parents. They were a big help in watching my son so I could finish my degree. It was crazy, stressful and I was completely out of my mind but I did it. When my son was born I really started getting into newborn photography, I don’t know how many photos I have taken of him. I also hired a photographer to capture his first year of his life, best investment ever. Here are a couple of the first newborn portraits I had ever taken of my little man, Decklen.

Newborn baby boy   November 2011


When my Decklen was 6 months old we found out we were pregnant again. This was not the greatest news at the time but now it is the best thing ever. My boys are super close and I wouldn’t have it any other way. He was born on January 24, 2013 and weighed 9lbs 7oz. Yup, he was a big boy and still is; however, I have another baby to practice my photography skills on. This time I was more educated so I could do all his first year photos myself. Again I have no idea how many photos I have taken of him as well. Here are a few of my sweet pea, Drayden.

Newborn Baby boyJanuary 2013

Newborn baby boy

Holy man did I have a lot of work to do. Now this is my son so of course I absolutely love the photos but I needed to work on my techniques and skills so I could eventually specialize in newborn photography, as I fell in love with capturing the most important stage of someone’s life. Still today people always look back at their baby photos. Any important milestone in your life like weddings, graduations and even milestone birthdays often have slideshows where you show the wonderful and sweet baby photos. So I practiced as much as I could and I researched respectable and experienced photographers who I then learned from with their tutorials. I also worked on my editing skills as the editing is about 50% of the photography process. First you have to make sure you capture what you want in the camera, that can be tricky but once you get a good system down and have more experience it comes easily. Then you go to the computer where you spend countless hours creating this beautiful work of art for your clients. I personally will not send out any photos before the editing process, the portraits change dramatically from the SOC (shot on camera) to the final product.

Once I realized that I am decent at portraits and I absolutely love doing it, I wanted to start my own business. Now I do have an Interior Design business called Open Interiors with a business partner but why can’t you do more than one thing? I love both careers immensely and didn’t want to choose. Open Interiors is my main job and I get to do photography on the side; however, since both businesses just started in 2013 I am pretty much doing both full time.

So now I get to share with you some photos I have done after all my education. I will always continue to learn and always be adjusting things as if you don’t I feel like it would get boring. I also believe that you can never not learn more, there is always room to improve.

1-4 copy2014

1-7 copy

1-9 copy

1-23 copy

Thank you for reading my first blog. Don’t worry they will get less wordy and have more pictures. Stayed tuned for my next blog. There will be a couple of newborn sessions to come, including my first twin session.


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