Commercial Photography ~ Kitchen Design ~ Interior Design by Open Interiors

Again my love of photography and my love of Interior Design has collided. If you haven’t read any of my previous post my full time job is as an Interior Designer at Open Interiors. I absolutely love photography and do it on the side as much as possible.

This particular project was a kitchen renovation. This kitchen needed an update, I wish I had the before pictures to show you the transformation. There are so many different aspects to this kitchen but the most important one was to make it large enough to fit their family. The island plays a big role in bringing the kitchen and dining room together. The client fell in love with the countertop which is absolutely beautiful and ties the two toned cupboards in nicely. All new appliances were brought into the space including a microwave drawer.

Now I need to explain the microwave drawer, it is a microwave that sits in the cabinet and the microwave itself is the drawer. When I suggested a microwave drawer to the clients they thought that you put a normal microwave into a cabinet drawer. I didn’t think of this as I have seen multiple of these but this was something completely new to them at the time.

We enclosed the bay window that originally existed and moved the refrigerator into that space with a cabinet surround to obtain more storage space. This worked great for these particular clients as they did not use the bay window and felt it was a waste of space. The beautiful tile job was done by Kriss Kross tile, from Edmonton Alberta.

The top priorities for this new kitchen design were the following: more storage, more counter space, more movement for a large amount of people, easy maintenance, new appliances, and of course aesthetically pleasing. I think we hit the nail with this design and I was so happy to be able to take the pictures of this design to show all of you. Hope you all love the outcome as much as the clients do. 🙂

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