Awaken Creations

Bio: I am a photographer, mother and a wife. I aspire to bring the memories you cherish and hold dear to your heart in beautiful art forms that you can share with all your loved ones. I'm in this field of work for you, knowing that you walk away with beautiful precious memories that will last you a lifetime is what I treasure the most. I discovered my passion for photography while I was completing my Interior Design degree. I completed a minor in photography at VIU. I experimented with the many different forms of photography. I learned many crucial skills which resulted in my love of creating art pieces for personal memories. I don't know everything and am constantly learning. I learn new things every photo I take. These aren't just photos for me they are creating art forms of what you see in your heart. My first love is my family. I am a mother of two wonderful boys aged 3yr and 2yrs old. They inspire me to be better ever single day. They are the reason I do everything in my power to capture personality and beauty in my photographs. I want the world to see the photographs of my boys the way I see them in my heart. It is indescribable. Please give me the honour of doing the same thing for you with your loved ones.

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